How To Make Penis Get Bigger – Quickly, Easily and Permanently Enlarge Your Penis – Using Nothing But Your Bare Hands! Guys, here is a bit of bad news that many of you already know. Most of the penis enlargement methods being sold will do absolutely nothing to produce growth. They are just gimmicks, but are easily sold because a vast majority of men are unhappy with their penis size. Gaining permanent penis growth may seem impossible to those of you who have tried enhancement pills, pumps or stretchers, and with those methods you are right! The only real way to get a bigger penis takes a little more effort than popping a few pills, or attaching some gadget to your member. This article will divulge the answer to overcoming your shortcomings.

First, why are those enhancement pills so heavily advertised if they do not work? Simple! Most men are desperate to increase the size of their package. Crafty advertising campaigns make it sound like you can accomplish the deed by just taking a daily pill. The pills are made up of herbs and minerals, some of which have been used for centuries as aphrodisiacs. Now, just because you take something that may help with an erection does not mean your erection will be bigger than usual. The thing is, advertisers get away with what they are saying because the pills may help you achieve an erection, and, in most cases, an erect penis really is larger than a flaccid one. So, in a misleading sort of way, what they say may be true. However, gaining permanent penis growth from taking those pills is not going to happen.

Penis pumps and stretchers will not produce any real growth, either. In fact, you could do more harm than good with these gadgets. Injuries, such as blisters and bruises are common. More serious injuries can damage the capillaries of your penis, and leave it some what deformed or even impotent. The majority of these novelties are poorly made, and that increases the risk of injury. They will not make you any bigger, so avoid them at all costs.

The only real way to get a bigger penis is by following a good routine of natural penis exercises. The exercises are not heavily advertised, and kind of fly under the radar. The reason for this is simple. They work so well that word of mouth promotion from successful users is all the advertising that is necessary. A recent clinical study showed that over 95% of the men who use penile exercise as a means of enlargement gain from 1 to 4 inches of length, and up to 2 inches of girth. No other method can boast of that kind of results. If you are tired of wasting money on useless pills month after month, invest a one time fee for a good program of natural penis exercises, and get ready for some real growth!

The only real way to get a bigger penis is with natural penis exercises! Follow the program exactly as written and you will gain from 1 to 4 inches of permanent length, and up to 2 inches of girth. That extra thickness is what the women really enjoy!

You do not have to accept your tiny little package as it is. Do something about it! For your sake, and for her pleasure, try this natural penis enlargement program and you will have the penis you have always wanted…GUARANTEED!


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Is it normal to tell a guy he has big penis when he actually has small one

Girls, have you ever told a guy he has a big penis when he is in fact small just to make him feel better about himself?

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How To Increase The Penile Size Naturally – Natural Penis Enlargement Is A SCAM!

If you think that natural penis enlargement is a scam, PROVE IT.

Hey guys, its Dale Perry of We get tons of emails from guys that are interested in natural penis enlargement but, are totally skeptical of its effectiveness.

We get those emails so much that I’ve decided to allow you to prove that it doesn’t work.

That’s right, prove us wrong.

But, in order to do that, you have to agree to try it out and share your results with us and the world.


Here are the supplies you’ll need for this experiment:

Standard Ruler
Tape Measure
Scissors or Razor

For starters, measure yourself in length and thickness. For length, use a standard ruler. For thickness (girth), use a tape measure. Record your size and be accurate and be completely honest. Submit your current size stats to us at:

For this test, you’re going to be utilizing the Jelq exercise. The jelq is the oldest, most important technique for adding length and girth to your penis.

I’m sure you have heard of jelqing. If you have, why haven’t you done it?

So many guys become paralyzed by overanalyzing natural penis enlargement that they never even try it to find out if it works.

All I ask is that you suspend your skepticism for 2 full weeks and try jelqing. If you think natural penis enlargement is a scam, just give this a try then decide if it works or not.

For those of you who haven’t heard of jelqing, allow me to explain what it is.

Jelqing is said to be a secret, ancient natural penis enlargement technique used by Arab men from puberty to manhood until their penises become a whopping 16″ long.

Now, I cant confirm nor deny its true origins, but I can tell you that jelqing does work!

As for the 16″, I don’t know.

Besides, why the hell would you want a 16″ cock?

Unless you’re planning on joining the circus, 9″ should be big enough.

I personally went from 5.5″ to 8.5″. So, I know it works. It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t from just jelqing alone. But jelqing was instrumental in helping me add size, especially when I first started out on this journey.

I cant stress enough just how important and powerful jelqing is to your penis development.

Before you start, I recommend trimming the hair at the base of your shaft, right where the penis and the pelvis meet.

Trust me, you do not want to skip this step. It will make doing the jelq easier and you wont risk the pain of pulling your hair.

Lubricate both hands with your choice of lubricant. With your right hand, make an “OK” sign. Apply your “OK” sign to the base of your shaft as close to the pelvis as possible. Clamp with moderate pressure and gently slide your grip down the shaft. Stop just before reaching the head.

You should feel internal pressure as you slide your grip. Just as you get close to the head, repeat this motion with the other hand. As one hand completes the slide, the other begins. This should be done in a steady rhythmic milking motion.

As part of our experiment, commit to doing these 100 times everyday for 2 full weeks.

After 2 weeks, you’ll see and experience positive results. Don’t expect to have a massive penis at the end of this 2 week experiment. You will be pleased with your results though.


Get bigger for FREE:

share your results of this experiment !

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